Final Exit

This latest piece I created is titled “Final Exit”. Last week while perusing the obituary column( which seems to be a daily habit with us old folks) the subject of mortality came to mind. Philosophers, pastors, Imans and other religious leaders all have their ideas/teachings on how death is a part of being alive. Like someone once said; “Death is nature’s way of telling you to slow down.” As far as the concept of an afterlife IMHO I have no way of really knowing and I’m comfortable admitting it. As far as my limited awareness is concerned we return to that same stuff the universe is made from. After all we’re just water and a handful of chemicals mixed in with a dose of radiation, heat and time and voila, a human being. A little simplistic idea on evolution but you get the idea. Anyhow I’ve gotten it out of my system until the next time!! Oh and for my religious friends I deliberately included two sets of steps at the mouth of the skull. One leads up one leads down. Do the math!

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