The Mission

We creatives are really holding on during this storm. Sadly we’ll lose some people along the way. War is Hell kids but we have to complete the mission and not leave no one behind. Stuff happens. What’s the mission? To me its simply to survive as a creative during this hot mess! Yep hot mess. I’m calling it as I see it. You don’t have to agree with the terminology. Your prerogative okay. It saddens me to read about artists/musicians/performers who have lost studio spaces, rehearsal spaces and galleries due to this mess. I have no doubt that we in the creative community will bounce back. The Theatre Arts Gallery will vibrate with life again!!! The dancers will dance again. The singers will sing to high heaven. The musicians will hit the stage. The actors will bare their souls to the universe and the artists will paint/draw/sculpt their hearts out. I’m an optimist when it comes to adversity and I don’t take losing well and I definitely don’t take whining from others well. Probably some minor defect in my character believe it or not! I take each hard time as a lesson to be learned and to grow stronger from despite getting bloody in the process. Again it’s war!!! My peeps this mess is making us stronger believe me. Just hold the Hell on! There’s a light at the end of the tunnel trust me. We’ve sacrificed enough this year to fearmongering and misunderstanding. Say what you will but hearing both sides of an argument still has merit! It’s called LISTENING. It’s called forming your own conclusion with the facts presented. Good old fashioned reasoning. Works for me! Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Are you still a victim of the carpet bombardment of fear by the media, traditional and online? And why are some opinions not worthy of being published? Or how about anarchy? Where’s the line between caution and fear? Are we tipping that scale one way or the other? Well anyhow I’m going to keep creating my work. Is it piling up in my home? Yep. Am I practically giving away pieces I’ve done? Yep. If this is what it takes to keep me going I’ll do what has to be done. If you get a chance read the Buddhas idea on forming attachments. Well I’m going to continue to be me wherever it leads me. My circus, my monkeys!! I’ll see you my creative survivors at the end of the tunnel! Bloodied but unbowed!! Take no prisoners. You’d only have to feed ’em!!

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