About the artist

Artist Michael Pendergrass has had a love for drawing and painting for over four decades. He discovered this love at a very young age. He stated that there was something magical about creating worlds from your imagination and recreating those worlds on paper. His fascination for the world around him plus being a natural explorer and avid reader only fueled his imagination and desire to pursue a career as an artist. During his formative years most of the imagery he created were of Black subjects because those were the images he could relate to as an artist living in the 1960s. Fast forward to the present he intends for his work to have a universal appeal to everyone despite any cultural “tags”.  He states that he was more inspired by the artists of the early 60s to gain his art training than by the limited resources that were being taught in school although he had very good art teachers. His art training began in earnest by studying books on artists he admired. The great anatomical figures drawn by comic book artists from the 60s were also a huge influence that fueled his aspirations to become a comic book artist someday. He states that each artist he admired had a particular quality in their work that he sought to emulate. Especially the realists. It was a matter of examining the processes mindset they used and applying it to his creating art. His two biggest influences at the time were Norman Rockwell and Charles White. Each of these artists had a human quality in their work that he could appreciate. He also states that music, as well as literature, plays a big role in the creation of his work. Also as an avid reader and music lover, especially jazz he may read something that clicks in his mind or a certain song may get the creative juices flowing.  As to his choice of mediums he doesn’t choose one over the other. He emphasizes that he is not bound to any particular medium or technique nor subject matter. He says that being bound to one particular medium or approach or subject can be restrictive. He’s been featured in a number of articles and teaches on occasion Over the years his portraits and other work has been collected from diverse clients in North Carolina, the US and as far away as England.  And the list continues to grow.  He currently resides and creates in High Point, NC.