My creative divas! Clara K. Johnson, THE Phyllis Bridges, me and Loretta J. Parrish. This was at HPU’s Sechrest gallery for a show titled ART & DIALOGUE(2016)
My last show at Yaliks
Wendy Oliver
Me and the next generation! My daughters and grands. They always make me feel like a million!
Don Belton, myself and San

Three of my works are currently on display at the Delta Arts Center as part of the “Invitational 2020@Delta Arts” until May 30th. My works include SWAG, NAT TURNER & FORGE. The Delta Art Center is located at 2611 New Walkertown Rd., Winston Salem, NC 27101. Hours are: 2-5pm Tues-Friday, 3-6pm Wed.- Friday. Closed Sat- Mon. (336)722-2625

Work in progress

Passing the torch-30×40-oil
John Henry

The above pieces now have a new home of a collector in New Orleans.